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Carpet Cleaning Company

Carpet Cleaning Company

What comes to your mind when someone mentions carpet cleaning? It close to the obvious that many people presume that carpet cleaning is a very simple job,

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

In the offices as well as other public places it is mandatory that the carpet fitted in those places is cleaned more frequently than even the cleaning of carpets in the houses

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Mold Removal

Mold Removal

Ever noticed some black, greenish, grayish stuff growing on your wall, books, and floors or even on your air duct? The most immediate measure you probably took is

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The most common issues and questions in properly maintaining your carpets are answered here. Check the FAQs now

Take a minute to check out the following frequently asked carpet cleaning related questions and the answers provided. If you have questions about ways to clean carpets and remove stains, you will certainly find the answers you were looking for. They are short and simply put for everyone's convenience. Have a look!

Find out about the secrets of effective carpet cleaning procedures. We answer your questions!

When cleaning carpets, what areas should I give more attention to?

Carpet cleaning is very important in the maintenance of your carpets. Experts of Carpet Cleaning Foster City suggest that you concentrate on stubborn stains and carpets in doorways and stairs as they accumulate more dust. They are also dirtier than other areas. You should pre-treat these areas before washing them. If needed use a wash tool to scrub and wash away the dirt and stains.

When cleaning carpets, can I clean with a circular stroke?

Carpet cleaning should be done with straight and parallel strokes. No circular strokes are used since they will only leave markings on your carpet. When cleaning your carpets move your washer or vacuum cleaner in straight lines allowing overlaps to prevent leaving streaks on your carpet. By using straight parallel strokes you are sure to get all the dust and dirt. Thorough cleaning is made possible when you use parallel strokes.

How do I keep my grout clean?

To keep your grout clean, make sure it is sealed properly from a good penetrating sealer to prevent stains. You must also clean your floors on a regular basis so as not to worsen the condition of grout.

Can I clean old stains?

All carpet stains can be cleaned, but not all are removed effectively. The older the stain is the harder will be to remove. As time goes by, the ingredients of the drink or food that has stained the carpet in the first place are absorbed by the fibers. That's the reason why you should clean the carpet the minute it is stained. Stain removal is more effective then.

How often should I have my carpet cleaned?

It is generally recommended to have your carpets thoroughly cleaned about every 12 to 18 months. This will keep them looking fresh, attractive, and keep them from being damaged from ground-in dirt and debris. Many carpets won't visibly show that they need cleaning, but airborne pollutants, oils and allergens usually go undetected and should be removed for the benefit of you and your family's health.

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